Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Competitive lit

Jane Austen didn't seem that popular, so let's try a quite different Literary Classic this time. To add a little zest to the wossname, I'm not telling you what it is. You should be able to work out the protagonist's first name without too much difficulty; bragging rights go to the first commenter who correctly guesses his second name, which has been redacted in the one place it occurs below.

Herewith the second classic, as abbreviated by MS Word in 100 words:




You TOM!"

No Tom. Tom!"

Tom said:

Tom said:

"Can't, Mars Tom. Tom exhibited. "Tom."

Tom lay thinking. "Tom! Say, Tom!" "Here, Tom! TOM! Tom moaned out:

Tom's dying!"

"You, Tom! Tom said:

Tom said:

"Oh, Tom! Tom said:

"Tom! Tom called:

"Hold! Presently Tom said:

Then Tom whispered:

Tom [Surname] swears

"Please, Tom. "DO, Tom!"

Tom quailed. Tom said:

Tom's cheeks burned. Tom said:

Tom hurried up. Tom shuddered.

Tom's followed. "Try harder, Tom! "Tom! "Don't Tom! Tom whispered:

Tom shouted. "Tom, Tom, we're lost! Tom was grateful. "Tom!"

Tom whispered:

Tom said:

Tom broke it:


Nodressrehearsal said...


vet said...

Well done, NDR. I'm impressed that you were able to see through the cunning camouflage... but then, I guess there aren't that many classic novels with a hero named Tom.

I found it quite amusing that in a 99-word summary, 48 of the words were the same.

Ruby Apolline said...

Shoot. nodressy beat me. That was my guess too, although for a second I thought it might be a Faulkner character. Without the "Mars," it could also be Tom Jones, I think.

Nodressrehearsal said...

Ah well - you snooze, you lose!