Friday, March 13, 2009


It's a long time since I Googled myself. But today, galvanised by the discovery of the waterfowl-abusing Jeremy Stamper's site,, I thought I'd see what the Internet reputation of my real name currently looks like.

Turns out there are dozens of me out there. There's entries on Facebook, LinkedIn, Classmates and other social networking sites with my name, each describing a completely different person. Hundreds of pages, none of them relating to me.

With one exception. The number one result in Google is a home page I created for myself back in 2000, before most of those sites existed. I haven't updated it since 2001. And it's still the most-linked <My Real Name> page on the 'web.

Now that's what I call a reputation system.


HiStandards said...

Thanks for the reminder. When my race results fall off page one of the google results it's time to run more races. :) It's a vanity thing.

Nodressrehearsal said...

Yay me, my business site comes up first when I google myself.

vet said...

HS, what can I say but - good luck. :o)

NDR: that's good, that's you controlling the centre of your own reputation, which is how it should be. Others can say what they like about you, but what you say for yourself should always be featured prominently.