Thursday, May 26, 2016

Shoot the Moon

I see Ladbrokes is projecting the UK to remain in the EU by a very similar margin to the Scots' vote to remain in the UK. Currently, they're offering evens on the 'Leave' vote being over 44.5%. Which sounds about right to me, but of course there's still a month to go.

One marked difference between the Scotland/UK and UK/EU votes, though, is the attitude of the larger partner. The UK pathetically begged the Scots to stay with them; but the EU is, notably, doing no such thing to the UK. Cameron has been begging for concessions, and the EU has, apparently, been laughing at him, which goes to show they're not as silly as the Leave campaign would have you believe. Compare and contrast how Salmond treated the English during his campaign.

Which goes to show, I guess, how useless a negotiator Cameron really is. Both times, he's given ground like snow in springtime, and his opponents haven't budged.

He should take tips from Donald Trump. Ask for the Moon. I mean, literally - Britain's demand should be "we leave, and we take the Moon with us. We're going to build a giant space shield over Europe that will stop it from seeing the Moon. (Except Ireland, of course, because that would be impractical.)"

Because every news outlet in the EU would run that story. EU politicians would queue up to explain why the idea was impractical, impossible, illegal and immoral. Engineers would explain how it might be done, what it would cost, and what the impact would be. Everyone in Europe would be talking about it for weeks, even though every single person concerned knows that it's total bullshit.

And that, as Donald Trump knows, is the way to get concessions.

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Anonymous said...

Of all our politicians in Blighty, I'm distressed to see it's Boris who has really taken to heart the Trump book of campaigning. He doesn't quite say the EU is Hitler, he just invites you to think it, in a manner Granny Weatherwax would certainly respect. He's even more subtle on "they said" (erm, who said? No, the way he tells it, you've already filled in "they" in your mind).

Today's news: Steve Hilton (cameron's former right-hand-man) says Cameron really wants out. Hmmm, I seem to recollect blogging on a not unrelated subject. I think more than one of them has ambiguous positions.

Dammit, it's enough to drive a chap to vote Corbyn.