Wednesday, April 7, 2010


It's some months, now, since my mother's visit.

After a lifetime of studiously avoiding the southern hemisphere, it was a big deal for her to come here. Not least because she's even older than me (go figure), to the point where travelling isn't as easy as it could be. On the plus side, she could afford to fly business class, which (as I've learned) makes a huge difference on a long flight. (The difference between $2500 and $5500, for a start.)

So we were absolutely chuffed to see her, take a week off to drive her around some of the more accessible picturesque bits of the island, and put her up in our excellent spare room while she was in town. (I say "excellent". It's on the cool, south side of the house, which is nice in summer; it's next to the kitchen and the downstairs bathroom and the wine cellar, so all necessary conveniences are close at hand. We should have more guests.)

And like everyone who visits, she got introduced to the Wii.

It didn't take her long to fling together her Mii. Now, "mumsie" is permanently added to our roster of playable characters. (Not that anyone else would play her, of course. That would be rude.) And she has an impressive record of Wii Fit achievements, games played and unlocked, to say nothing of her ratings at sports. The Wii misses her.

And she, apparently, misses it. Because she's been and bought her own. I wish I could have seen my father's reaction. He does a good line in 'flabbergasted', he's the only person I know who can register that particular reaction properly.

But she can't work out how to recreate "mumsie" properly. So just for her, these are the images from our Wii. And for my other readers, enjoy it, because this is the first time I've posted a picture of a friend or family member here:


Ragnhild said...

Thank you so much for posting my Mii. She is lovely and I'll be sure to clone her. Sadly I've not had time to use/play with the Wii today - shopping and cooking - we had a guest for dinner tonight and your brother and his offspring are coming for a few days tomorrow. To complicate matters T is now vegetarian! Your new camera appears to be a marvel - I look forward to seeing your new sideboard which should be with you any day now.


Deadlyjelly said...

Hahaha! She sounds like a dude, your mum. She looks cracking fit, too. Sorry, I appear to have developed a little crush on your Mii.


vet said...

R: no trouble at all. This is hardly the new camera at its bestest. Haven't heard anything about the sideboard yet, but I'll post pictures of it if and when it does arrive.

DJ: I think you're probably fitter than mumsie. But you're most welcome to come round and create a Mii of your own to put that to the test, any weekend you're in town.

Nodressrehearsal said...

Props to your mum for daring the Wii. I've never seen one live and in person ( a Wii, not a mum) and would be fearful of embarrassing myself to near death no matter what I might do with it.

Good grief, the word verification is "donjujin"... ruh?

vet said...

NDR, the big selling point of the Wii is its universality of appeal, which it gets from the fact that anyone can use it. The ability threshold is really not something you should worry about. In most games you only ever have to press one button, and often not even that.

You must know someone who's got one. Heck, me for one. Invite yourself over to try it, with them to coach you. It's fun, I promise.