Friday, February 12, 2010


It must be officially late summer now.

You can tell because the cicadas, having spent four months gently chirping to one another when no-one was looking, have launched their bid for full aural domination (FAD). You can't open a window, currently, without being deafened by the continuous roar of insects desperately signalling about... oh, the flag, the All-Blacks' new lineup, or Proust, whatever it is that cicadas care about.

Seriously, they're loud. By mid-morning, walking anywhere outdoors is like being flanked by invisible cheerleaders.

Maybe they're just wishing Happy New Year to everyone. The Chinese New Year festivities start on Sunday, and go on for four weeks. We're sending out cards this year, mostly to apologise for our disorganisation in not having sent Christmas cards.

Which reminds me: a very happy Year of the Tiger to both all my readers. Be well!


Anonymous said...

I'd rather have cheerleading cicadas any day than the constant assault by piped music that is such a distressing feature of our time. The cicadas are only a nuisance for a short season...
A happy year of the Tiger to yourself and Susan from Mumsie

HiStandards said...

Sorry I missed this. Happy Chinese New Year to you! As my Vietnamese friends have reminded me, it's also the beginning of Tet. I don't remember hearing cicadas in the city of Houston, but have heard their roar in Kansas. Nice description. :)