Thursday, January 21, 2010

Short film review

We went to the movies last night. For myself, I wanted to satisfy my requirements to remain a cultural consumer in good standing; I think Susan was mostly looking forward to the popcorn. And we were pleasantly surprised by the Berkley in Mission Bay: clean, reasonable seats, not too big.

And the popcorn was good. This in itself is unusual, possibly unprecedented in my cinema-going experience in this country.

And we enjoyed Sherlock Holmes. It was interesting to see the world's first superhero getting the Dark Knight treatment. Could have done with fewer explosions and without the prizefighting scene, but you've got to allow these creative types some leeway. My biggest complaint was that the ending made the whole thing look like the pilot to a TV series, or (gods help us) a series of movies.

Note to producers: if you make a TV series, I'll give it a try. But if you make it a movie series, don't count on me to keep buying tickets. That's a lot of money.


HiStandards said...

Would you believe I went to sleep (or at least snoozed through) the first 20 minutes? The rest was entertaining enough. And yes, it's a lot of money. RD, Jr. is one of my favorites. Eye candy to go with the popcorn. :)

vet said...

I was very - dubious in the first 20 minutes. Black magic? Pah, not worthy of Holmes. But it kinda justified itself in the end.

I was quite impressed with how everyone, even Rachel McAdams, looked reasonably "normal". Nobody was so head-turningly stunning that you wondered how they'd ever be able to walk down the street in peace.