Friday, July 31, 2009

Continuity announcement

There's been lots to blog about this past week. Amazon's Orwellian Kindle fiasco, our ongoing attempts to improve our house, my new walk-to-work regime, the ham-fisted bullying tactics of New Zealand's most hypocritical politician, and one of its most naïve...

Some of these you can read about elsewhere, although honestly I could've made a better job of them. Others will keep.

Thank you for bearing with me. Normal service will be resumed one day soon.


HiStandards said...

Because I note that you crave comments, I'll leave one. I look forward to future posts. M.

vet said...

Thank you, M. I do appreciate it.

Don't go tramplin' on any butterflies up there. And remember, when it's winter in Houston, it's beautiful temperate summer in Auckland. Perfect time to visit.