Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Job ads

"How would you interpret it when a job is described as 'always exciting'?", Susan asked me this morning.

"To me, that sounds like 'overworked and terminally disorganised'."

"How about 'always interesting'?"

"That would mean 'you'll be on your own because we neither know nor care what this job really involves, but we think it's important because the last guy asked some pretty sharp questions'."

I like to keep bedroom talk polite.

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Eric Lester said...

For me it's always "must be team player." This means: "Don't complain about the leaking roof, we can't pay you much, your paycheck may occasionally bounce, your co-workers are monumental incompetent fuckoffs to the last man, and your boss will be a corrupt megalomaniac."

In real estate, it's terms like "fixer upper," which you know well.